Enter the Year with Glam

Yes, sweats and PJs sound amazing basically every night but New Years Eve is a perfect excuse to wear the feathers, sequins, tulle, heels and jeweled out. And you know, we all want an excuse to wear feathers. Make going into 2015 a bit different and celebrate your 2014 accomplishments with style and dress up like it is your job! Two days left to go!

Powder Blue

One of the best things about starting a new year is seeing all the new color palettes and prints that will be trending. One of the trending colors for January and February will be powder blue. It is such a subtle color that anyone can pull it off. 

Ugly Holiday Sweaters, Maybe?

No matter how old we are, we are always getting invited to a holiday ugly sweater party. But we each have our own taste for what is ugly and what is not. For the most part, we all go through our mother's or grandmother's closet for this type of occasion. But did you know there are brands that now dedicate themselves to making ugly sweaters on purpose? I know, crazy! Even some high end designers like Isabel Marant, Ralph Lauren, Jcrew and more are contributing to this festive party. Or are their sweaters just merely fashion? I will let you decide. 

Tory Burch Resort 2015

It is a little hard to start seeing swimsuits and spring wear already coming out in magazines and advertisements especially when it is either snowing or raining wherever we may be. But it is the story of the fashion industry. Tory Burch launched her Resort 2015 collection and her pantone scheme is on point. 

Rain Coats

Depending on the city you reside in, rain coats could be an essential or not at all. But there was something about this season's rain fashion that you sort of want a rain coat. From the transparent designs to simple classics, it is the final touch to the outfit even when their is just mist in the air. I will take all the transparent ones please and thanks! Stay warm and dry this season friends! 

Armani Prive - F/W 14

Paris always host a Paris Couture Week featuring some of best designers known to man-kind. Armani Prive showcased and displayed a stunning collection for this Fall/Winter. The tulle, sparkle, colors and fabric are perfect for a holiday evening. Now all we need is an invite to the The Louvre with prince charming and a carriage with our gorgeous wardrobe to complete the package. 'Tis the season! 

Holiday Dresses

Holiday soirees and get togethers have begun. And so has the tornado in our closets trying to figure out what to wear! If you have no time to go shopping, or even a budget, try pairing a dress with a top on top to make it look like a two piece combo, or throw on a statement jewel to make something causal into party-esque. You can't go wrong with adding a little metallic, sparkle, or red lipstick and some stilettos. You are set to tango! 

Post Thanksgiving Outfits

While we all tried to eat "healthy" and a reasonable portion of mash potatoes and just picked at all the desserts, we all need to run those calories we indulged in. And if we have to get back in the routine before all the holiday parties continue, might as well do it in style. There is nothing better then working out and literally feeling good and literally looking good as well. Don't be shy and try on some crazy yoga printed pants, or back exposed shirts. Theory says if you like your clothes you are wearing when you are working out, the more confident you will be in your workout and push yourself more. So go on…go shopping! 

Faux Fur

The holiday season is here! And for us fashionistas, that means sequins, faux fur, velvet, lace, leather and the endless fabrics of the holidays! Fur is probably one of my favorites. It is a must to stay warm in this season. It is also the first thing that you have on when you arrive to a party…and the last thing you put on you when you leave a party. So it is a pretty major deal to make a statement with your coat! 

The Camel Coat

If there is one coat that literally goes with everything, with the exception of a leather jacket, it is a camel coat. It is a color that can be worn from September to April. You can wear seriously pair it with any color underneath. I promise, try it. I have shown some examples of it but just Fall and Winter colors since we are in that mood and season. If you see a camel coat try it on and you'll believe what I believe. 

Man Buns { Muns }

Now…we have given much attention to ladies here on MGKstyle and on plenty of other sites. But how about the men? What is hot and trending for them? Some men need a little help and love from the ladies. Men can get away with fashion a little more so than women, as long as they are groomed correctly. One of the hottest European hair styles that is on point is the man bun. Yes, men with longer hair that can do buns. Scary thought, but check out the photos below…Could possibly change your mind forever about more man buns in the world. I say we embrace it and bring it on!


The rain and the cold are starting to hit everyone everywhere. And there is only a few things to do to warm up; tea, a fireplace, and a flannel. There is something about a flannel that instantaneously warms you up and cuddles you. There are endless amounts of flannel combinations that I won't go into details but the classic red is a must and if you want to get more on the funky side, there are multi colored flannels and different silhouettes. You can't go wrong with a flannel. Plus it looks like woodside girl meets urban city. 

Some of My Faves

When I am asked what are some of my favorite things, it is hard to pin point exactly the brands or the items I recommend. But if I can describe my style…I like to call it Boho Chic. Everyone should have the book " How to be Parisian" because who doesn't want to live a Euro lifestyle. The Saint Laurent black heel is just a classic and essential in every women's closet. Nails…well not much to say except I love a good nail color. And the rest of the items speak for itself - enjoy! 

Fall Hair Trends

It is only natural that people want to change their hair up for the seasons. Sometimes all it takes is a new hair do to adapt too, but other times it is color or a cut..or a color and a cut all in once. The midi hair length use to be called the "in between stage" and no one liked the middle hair stage. But it seems that for Fall, everyone wants that length. And I kinda love it! I personally think it is the perfect length. But there are many hair inspos out there that should be tried at least once. #HalfBun #HalfBraidBack #MessyBuns #LowBuns #MidHairLength 

Brown Leather Love

When we think of leather, our minds naturally go to black leather. Black leather is the quintessential of the leather, rock, chic look. Although there is nothing wrong with black leather and I am pretty sure it is impossible to make a fashion crime with it, we tend to forget about how retro brown leather is. There is something so aviator and vintage to the brown that it takes a true fashionista to wear on the streets. Make it a goal to add one or two pieces to your closet. I know you won't regret it and neither will the people watchers.